Compacta VariO 12

On the new Compacta, The VariO system constantly controls the consistency of gelato. The compressor power can be varied according to the amount of mix and to its ingredients. There are 11 pre-sets programs and 6 free ones. It is possible to costumize and store batch freezing cycles to memory, varying the rotation speed of the beater.

Compacta VariO features a two-in-one structure:

    - In the upper part of the horizontal cylinder mixes ingredients.

    - In the lower part the second horizontal cylinder makes gelato.

Therefore it is an All-in-one equipment, resuming the whole production process of homemade gelato :

    - The MIXER, to mix together the raw ingredients.

    - The PASTEURIZER, to achieve top hygiene of the mix.

    - The FREEZER, to produce gelato, "sorbetto" and fruit creams.

Advantages :

    - Costumized batch freezing cycles.

    - Reduces power consumption.

    - Reduces water consumption.

    - Silent operation.

    - Reduces environmental impact.

    - Reduces minimum production amounts.

    - Smooth production.

    - Increase duration for mechanical parts.

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